Experimental & Beta Program

We’re all about Continuous Improvement. And the fist of the Twelve Principles of Agile Philosophy is: “It is all about the customer and delivering value early.”

With that in mind - herein we will publish our WIP (“Work In Progress”) firmware.

(These in development in the IDOBAO repository.)

Keyboard Firmware file1 VIA JSON file2 Notes
Montex V2 (>= Apr 2022) idobao_montex_v2_idobao.hex
Abacus ID42 idobao_id42_idobao_vial.hex id42-via.json New Layers 3 /
Denwir 60 ID61 idobao_id61_idobao.hex id61-via.json 4

(These are in the QMK develop repository, awaiting the next quarterly merge.)

Keyboard Firmware file1 VIA JSON file2 Notes
ID67 V2 idobao_id67_idobao.hex id67-v2-via.json 4
ID80 V3 idobao_id80_v3_ansi_idobao.hex id80-v3-via.json 4
ID87 V2 TKL idobao_id87_v2_idobao.hex id87-v2-via.json 4

(These are now incorporated into QMK.)

Keyboard Firmware file1 VIA JSON file2 Notes
Denwir 60 ID63 idobao_id63_idobao.hex id63-via.json 4

1 = For instructions on how to flash firmware see our Flashing Guide page. (Skip step 1)
2 = For instructions on how to side-load VIA JSON files see our Sideloading VIA JSON help page. (Skip step 1)
3 = The Abacus features firmware from Vial. You do not need to use VIA or side-load VIA JSON for this to work in Vial.
      Vial can be downloaded from get.vial.today
4 = This firmware includes new features:

5 = Special build for macOS users.

= Source code for the firmware files can be found in our QMK fork, located at github.com/Idobao/qmk.qmk_firmware.
Please do not contact us about how to compile the code, this is not supported - but if you already know that, and have useful feedback, please feel free to contact us on our Discord Server.