IDOBAO keyboards are built on QMK firmware.

You can always use the QMK Configurator (, but note that firmware from there does not include VIA support.

NB = QMK Configurator may not have all the variants available.

All our keyboards are programmed with the VIA variant of the code. If you need to restore these please use the links below.

Be sure to read our Manuals if you need help on that.

Keyboard   Firmware
Idobao Montex (ID27) Montex
Idobao Abacus ID42 Abacus ID42
Idobao ID75 (Ortholinear) ID75
Idobao ID67 ID67
Idobao ID80 ID80
Idobao ID87 (TKL) ID87
Idobao ID96 ID96