ID67 Manual

  1. Introduction

    1. ID67 Mechanical keyboard with type-C connection.

    2. Compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, IOS.

    3. Keyboard is drived by QMK firmware and editable.

    4. Edit the keyboard with Json file on website:

  2. Default layout

  3. Fn+key Functions

    Fn + Esc ~ (Tilde)
        1-+ F1-F12
        Q RGB Toggle
        E RGB Mode
        R RGB HUI (RGB hue increase)
        T RGB HUD (RGB hue decrease)
        Y RGB SAI (RGB saturation increase)
        U RGB SAD (RGB saturation decrease)
        I RGB VAI (RGB brightness increase)
        O RGB VAD (RGB brightness decrease)
        {[ PrtSC
        }] ScrLK
        |\ Pause/Break
        L Insert
        :; Home
        ”’ PgUp
        <, Delete
        >. End
        ?/ PgDn
        B Vol-
        N Mute
        M Vol+
        Z Reset or enter QMK reflash mode
  4. Reset:

    1. Anything abnormal of the keyboard, you can reset it.

    2. Press the metal button on the back of the PCB (or press “Fn+Z”), you’ll reset the keyboard to default layout, or enter QMK flashing mode.

    3. Unplug and re-plug the USB cable,the keyboard is workable again.

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