VIA & Vial Support

There are currently two open-source applications that support QMK’s VIA implementation.

Both work, so it’s a personal choice, and both run on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Be sure to check back with their sites to make sure you have the latest builds.


The older app.

If you're looking for the original PC/Mac apps, you can get them at

Please note that any keyboards marked as requiring a sideload VIA file will not work with the online version. For these you will need the on system Apps from the download link above.


The newer app.


Keyboard   VIA Support
Idobao Montex (ID27) (Native) (All)
Idobao Abacus ID42 Abacus ID42 VIA
Idobao ID75 (Ortholinear) (Native)1 more…
Idobao ID67 (Native) (V1)
& ID67 VIA (V2)
Idobao ID80 (Native) (V1 & V2)
Idobao ID87 (TKL) (Native)1 more…
Idobao ID96 (Native)

The VIA application already supports keyboards marked as “Native”
1 = there is more information on this.