Variant Identifying Features Firmware HEX file 1 QMK Config2 Source Location
ID80 Original Series, Aluminum bottom plate
ID80 V2 “V2” designator, Acrylic bottom plate idobao_id80_ansi_via.hex idobao/id80/v1/ansi QMK
ID80 IK Blue Idobao Klein Blue Special Series
ID80 Crystal Polycarbonate case, ANSI (US) key layout
ID80 Bestype Premium gasket mount
ID80 V2 Charm Charm Blue Limited Edition
ID80 ISO Crystal Polycarbonate case, ISO (UK/EU) key layout idobao_id80_iso_via.hex idobao/id80/v1/iso
ID80 V3 Idobao V3 PCB Please see the beta page.

1 = Factory / As sold (VIA enabled)
2 = No VIA support
= (ditto) same as above
= functionally the same as below
= Please do not use the version in QMK as it is incorrect

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